Running a single person healthcare service

Whether you are just starting out in the medical industry or just have a small practice it can be hard to justify having a full time admin person to help manage your billings and payment process. However if you take on these duties yourself it can start to eat into the time you could otherwise spend delivering services. Here are some tips to help you minimise your admin. 

Optimise your website

Many patients actually prefer to make bookings online so have a website that allows people to make appointments either from their mobile or from a computer. You can get a range of applications added to the website that allow people to enter their details and make appointments online which can minimise the amount of time that you need to spend on the phone scheduling and rescheduling appointments. 

Automate tasks

It can be easy for patients to forget to go to their appointments, so it´s a good idea to send out automated text messages the day before the appointment reminding them of the time and date of the appointment. This means that they can reschedule if they need and make any relevant plans around transport and parking so that they can make the appointment. 

Equally, if your patients need to reschedule an appointment at regular intervals, an automated service can be a great way to remind them to this. It is much more affordable to send an SMS, even compared to posting, and it can be done with next to no labour input if you select the right billing and scheduling software. 

Get mobile with your billing

Having the right billing service, such as through a place like Bill Medical, is also important as you can hopefully get the majority of people to pay directly from their phone or with a credit card if you have the right billing software. Look for software that allows you to generate an invoice in an few clicks, with the correct codes so that people can claim back directly of their private insurance or the NHS (National Health Scheme). This can save time but also provide a paper trail that can be very useful and time saving if you ever get audited. 

If you are looking to run a single person medical practice having software packages for scheduling and billing that are mobile friendly and allow people to schedule appointments themselves is perfect. This reduces the overall admin in the business so that you do not need additional staff and can spend your time delivering services. 

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